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    Cinema Web Design: Balancing Beauty and Functionality

    Wed 29th June 2016

    The revolutionary movement towards mobile and tablet has redefined the approach to design for many industries, including cinema. But is it really possible with the shifting landscape to craft truly great cinema website design, given the strict guidelines for functionality and layout? How do designers ensure that each cinema project remains truly unique, without compromising […]

  • amp and mobile

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    AMP and Mobile – Do You Really Need Both?

    Wed 15th June 2016

    Accelerated Mobile Pages are growing in popularity. Digital Marketing Manager, Laura McKinnon, explores whether you really need both AMP and mobile. A relatively new contender to the organic search scene, AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages are growing quickly in popularity. First launched on the 24th of February, 2016, AMP has become a hot topic for […]

  • google outbound link penalty

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    Will the Google Outbound Link Penalty Reshape Outreach Strategy?

    Thu 21st April 2016

    The recent rollout of the Google Outbound Link Penalty has seen a vast number of bloggers affected – but how will this recent development affect backlink building strategies? Digital Marketing Manager, Laura McKinnon, shares her thoughts: Since the release of the Penguin algorithm, search marketers have been faced with the challenge of finding new ways […]

  • SEO vs. User Experience

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    SEO vs. User Experience – Which is More Important?

    Wed 2nd March 2016

    Taking a look at Search Engine Optimisation over the past few years, today’s white-hat practices could be considered unrecognisable. Gone are the days of building spammy backlinks and attempting to dupe crawlers into awarding sites with more tasty organic traffic – if there’s one distinctive trend to have emerged in recent times, its Google’s preference […]

  • Digital Trends in 2016


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    The Digital Trends in 2016 You Need To Know

    Wed 9th December 2015

    2015 has been a big year for digital marketing. With the face of search engine optimisation nearly unrecognisable, search moving beyond into social media and a new search partnership between Google and Yahoo, some marketers may even think the digital apocalypse is nigh. Fear not, for Peach is here to arm you with knowledge – […]

  • Are you Ready for Universal Analytics?

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    Are You Ready for the Universal Analytics Deadline?

    Tue 17th November 2015

    *UPDATE – Since the publication of this post, Google has since removed reference to the April 2016 deadline. However, given the benefits of Universal Analytics, it is strongly recommended to upgrade for cleaner, better data. For more information on deadlines, please visit the official Universal Analytics Upgrade Centre. The deadline for switching over to Universal […]

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    What Cinemas Need To Know About SEO

    Wed 9th September 2015

    There’s no doubt the marketing landscape for cinemas is changing. From innovative 4DX cinema experiences, through to new developments in surround sound systems, cinemas worldwide are embracing the technology boom. This combined with a blockbuster year of eagerly awaited releases (here’s looking at you, Star Wars) business at the box office should be booming. However, […]

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    Cinema PPC: Are you bidding on your brand?

    Fri 6th March 2015

    Cinema is not usually an industry that is synonymous with paid search advertising, so we looked at whether some of the UK’s cinema chains were bidding on their brands.