• virtual reality headset


    Virtual Reality in the Leisure Industry – Friend or Foe?

    Wed 15th June 2016

    Virtual reality is the latest addition to the digital world. It is a discovery which allows consumers to experience situations in a technically advanced and sensory capacity. Essentially, virtual reality is the term used to describe a computer generated, three dimensional environment in which a person is immersed in and is able to interact with […]

  • google outbound link penalty

    Search Marketing


    Will the Google Outbound Link Penalty Reshape Outreach Strategy?

    Thu 21st April 2016

    The recent rollout of the Google Outbound Link Penalty has seen a vast number of bloggers affected – but how will this recent development affect backlink building strategies? Digital Marketing Manager, Laura McKinnon, shares her thoughts: Since the release of the Penguin algorithm, search marketers have been faced with the challenge of finding new ways […]