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Wed 29th June 2016

The revolutionary movement towards mobile and tablet has redefined the approach to design for many industries, including cinema. But is it really possible with the shifting landscape to craft truly great cinema website design, given the strict guidelines for functionality and layout?

How do designers ensure that each cinema project remains truly unique, without compromising on user experience?

The biggest challenge for cinema web design is that customers have a very clear goal in mind – to book tickets, find out about movie show times and then leave. Across both desktop and mobile the journey now has to be instantly recognisable, whilst maintaining powerful brand identity, leaving an impression on the user’s mind to encourage customer loyalty.

Cinema Web Design in 2016

Aesthetically, there has been a massive shift in the appearance of cinema websites in recent years. Vendors are shifting away from dated dark backgrounds, bright colours and transitioning towards a lighter, more contemporary feel. Websites are now image heavy, focusing on the all-round experience – such as dining – a lucrative revenue stream for many cinemas.

The quad style imagery and modern type of Curzon Cinemas is the perfect example of this evolution. Across 2015, and indeed 2016, this style of design has increased in popularity for all industries, not just cinema web design. It appears that web designers are looking to much more emotive imagery and illustration to achieve the goal of a site that is creative and pleasing to the eye, but still functional.

Moving forward, here at Peach, the design team is keen to grow and push this style forward, and push the boundaries set by functional design. In order to remain innovative, designers are going to have to really flex their creative muscles to ensure the user experience is kept slick and seamless.

Of course, cinema web design isn’t all about a lighter background and big imagery now – what ultimately dictates a successful site is truly understanding how the user engages with the brand and what makes them convert online. Design is no longer about making something pretty, but rather a fundamental part in the success of an e-commerce platform.

Is your cinema web design stuck in the past? Get in touch with the Peach team now to find out how great design can help improve your online conversions now!

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