social marketing

You’ve already heard that social media is everywhere – but have you heard what it can do for your cinema?

  • Over 75% of your customers already use Facebook, twitter or Instagram.
  • 72% of movie goers post on social media after watching a movie.
  • Over half of users say that social media affects their entertainment choices.

The power of social media marketing to generate buzz around the latest big releases has been harnessed by studios and distributors of all sizes, and we can help you take advantage of this versatile and exciting medium for your marketing.

Social media has the unique ability to keep your customer engaged long after they finish their popcorn! By allowing customers to connect, interact, chat, check-in and even win with your brand, you can help transform a first-time visitor into a long-term customer. We can also help you keep those long term customers happy with the right online approach to customer service.

At Peach, we have a dedicated marketing team who can create and implement engaging and exciting social media campaigns that deliver results. We create social media solutions tailored to fit your needs, from one-off campaigns around seasonal blockbusters, to long-term strategies that help your brand build a thriving community of movie lovers.

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