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Peach Cinemas Middleware/API: Power, Flexibility, Performance

Peach’s Middleware and API has been developed exclusively for the cinema industry.  It provides a flexible interface to POS, Loyalty, CRM, Analytics and other data systems to offer a reliable and seamless online customer experience.  Powering 15 websites representing over 300 theatres worldwide, the platform is optimised to cope with unique demands of the cinema sector.

What is Middleware?

Middleware is an integration layer providing connections between multiple applications and across to these applications through a single consolidated interface.

Why use Middleware?

The use of Middleware has three main benefits in relation to cinema websites:

Efficient development

Middleware simplifies the development process by aggregating data from several offline systems, and then providing one API that can be used by the front end website, Apps, and other data users.

This is particularly true where there are multiple POS systems integrated with CRM software and used by multiple consumer touchpoints.


Middleware allows functionality to be developed that is not available through direct integration with underlying systems

The combination of data from different sources / systems can provide enhanced functionality that is not available from the systems individually.


Middleware can optimise the processing of information specifically to accommodate the massively varying demands seen on cinema websites.

Middleware provides a data layer designed to handle the information flow required for the front end  to work efficiently.

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