Maximising Online Results

To achieve the best returns from your online channel, start with a customized mobile responsive web solution from Peach. With over 15 cinema operator clients, large and small, we’ve developed a wealth of insight and experience in the sector that makes us the perfect partners for your web, mobile and social channels.

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Delivering an outstanding customer experience

Our approach is rooted in the insight that a great customer experience will generate the best possible return from your website. By carefully considering the range of audiences that you wish to target, we can develop an online experience that exceeds their expectations.

Catering for a multi-channel world

We create responsive sites that are optimised for desktop, smartphone, tablet; because your customers want to buy tickets and engage with your brand in many different ways. We will provide you with the technical and marketing solutions that will allow you to offer the best and most consistent customer experience across these platforms.

Effective marketing, CRM, personalization

Whether you want to promote movies and events, sell more tickets, run a movie festival or joint promotion, we can help you maximise the impact of your marketing programs online.

When it comes to engaging with your customers, clients are developing ever more sophisticated CRM programs to capture customer data and use it to create better marketing plans. Out responsive website platform gives us the flexibility to gather data and create highly personalized user experiences. This helps you capture a more loyal customer base and get tangible results at the box office.